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Recommendations & Testimonials

The following are some of the recommendations I have received from clients, critics and teachers.

Taking Aim - oil painting by Waitsel Smith

Judge's Merit Award, Caldwell County Visual Arts Competition, 2016 - "Smith's Robin Hood-like figure does a wonderful job pulling the viewer into his painting. His three-dimensional illusionary technique contrasted with the more two-dimensional flatness in most of the rest of the piece reminded me of NC Wyeth gone modern!" - Lisë Swensson, Executive Director, Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, NC


Dress Blues - oil painting by Waitsel Smith

Judge's Merit Award, Caldwell County Visual Arts Competition, 2015 - "A painting... I think that asks more questions than it gives answers. I found it to be intriguing, mysterious, and a bit haunting. Surreal... It has a feeling of evoking the past and the present, but not the future. Very thought-provoking, and a well-executed painting." - Mark Poteat, Department Head, Visual & Performing Arts, Western Piedmont Community College, Morganton, NC

Second Place, Painting, Moore County Fine Arts Festival, 2015 - Southern Pines, NC


Brandi - watercolor painting by Waitsel Smith

"I had to let you know how thrilled I am with Brandi's portrait - more importantly, she loves it!!!! She really does look like she is going to walk off the canvas. A friend stopped by tonight and I showed it to her and she said 'it looks just like her when she comes out to greet me in the lobby!!!' That's what I hoped for. I love everything about it - and can't wait to get it framed. It is going to look fabulous in the sunroom." - Peg Broyhill, Lenoir, NC


Ride Through the Forest - original watercolor painting by Waitsel Smith

"What can I say but thank you for the beautiful painting. It hangs in our living room and is perfect! My family loves it, I love it. It has such depth and richness of colors - my favorite colors! I am honored to have one of your originals!!" - Jamie and Johanna Ehlers, Virginia Beach, VA


Biltmore Looking West - original oil painting by Waitsel Smith

"Harriet and I think your 'Biltmore Looking West' is simply superb." - Leslie "Sonny" and Harriet Hines, Lenoir, NC


Edinburgh Castle - original oil painting by Waitsel Smith

"The painting is lovely and fits perfectly where I thought it would. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It was meant to be mine!" - Robyn Randolph, Moray, Scotland


Rice Architect logo design by Waitsel Smith

"Few decisions have had the lasting impact on our business as our decision to work with Waitsel Smith to design our logo. He tirelessly provided requested revisions and ultimately landed us a spot-on logo that has remained fresh for 12 years and counting. This distinctive branding has grabbed people's attention, such that clients have come and brought their business to us solely due to the outstanding quality of our logo." - Randy Rice, Rice Architect, Amelia Island, FL


Extreme Ministry Logo designed by Creative Sharks

"I've known and worked with Waitsel for more than 15 years. I can remember one campaign where he stayed up with me until 4 AM to get the final edits made to meet our deadline. His heart for excellence and his dedication to his craft is what sets him apart from other communication and design experts in town." - Randy Renbarger, Communications Director, Perimeter Church, Johns Creek (Greater Atlanta Area), GA

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Pirate Black Caesar Illustrations painted by Waitsel Smith, art directed by Creative Sharks for Crazy Legs Productions and The Travel Channel

"Your illustrations worked out great and added a lot!" - Scott Thigpen, VP of Branded Content, Crazy Legs Productions for the Travel Channel


Mullis House - Pen & Ink Hatch Drawing by Waitsel Smith

"Waitsel, I stop frequently in front of your drawing of my house and just admire it. I admire the expertise you put into the roof, brickwork and other details. You really captured the beauty of a house that meant so much to me. This was a favorite place of mine for many years, and now I have it to enjoy, even though the house itself is now gone." - Virginia Mullis, Lenoir, NC


Waitsel's Watercolor Painting - Jesus with Woman

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for the beautiful visual for Tres Dias of North Georgia Women's 126. I posted it on our team's private Facebook page, and the comments I have gotten just in the last few minutes have included... "Amazingly Beautiful!", "So peaceful", and "I love it!" It will convey very well the message I believe God has for our weekend. Our theme is 'In Christ Alone', and our verses are Ephesians 3:17-19. I am copying you on how we will use it on the cover of our team handbooks. I can't wait to get the large watercolor framed! I will send you a photo of that as well. We will be in touch again soon. Thank you, again!" - Joan Kiger, Atlanta, GA


Waitsel's Watercolor Painting - Sunflowers

"Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job on the visual ['Sunflowers'] for [Tres Dias of North Georgia Women's] 127. Everyone loved it (or said they did to me)! My daughter has a framed print of the visual in her college apartment, and I have the [original] framed in my dining room. It will always be special to me." - Terry Kemp, Atlanta, GA


McIsaac Horses pen and ink drawing

"I LOVE this picture… It is a real treasure to me. Both horses are gone now, so it is especially sentimental to me. And of course you did a wonderful job capturing the image of both horses." - Karen McIsaac, Charlotte, NC


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Waitsel Smith Being Interviewed - 1981

"Mr. Waitsel Smith is a productive, energetic and serious student of painting. Mr. Smith learns very quickly and will, I am sure, continue his rapid growth as an artist and critic. While any real knowledge of Waitsel as a student is based on working with him during this semester, spring 1981; his excellent work and clear potential allow me to recommend him to you without reservation." - Paul Hartley, Chairman, Department of Painting & Drawing, East Carolina University


Self-Portrait - original watercolor painting by Waitsel Smith

[In reference to the painting above] "This reviewer is particularly impressed with the artist's range and control with basic transparent color. There is ample evidence of this artist's deft control with this most unforgiving medium. There is clarity in terms of his technical command, and the picture is lyrical in terms of color." - Noyes Long, Assistant Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Appalachian State University


Waitsel Smith Painting in Watercolor

"I am in a position to judge Waitsel's work from several Art History courses he has taken with me in which his work was outstanding. Waitsel is very bright and his academic record is excellent. His paintings and drawings deal with human figure; and in my judgement, his use and perception of 'the advertising image' is very personal and witty. I wish to emphasize my belief in his work by recommending him very strongly to you." - Biruta Erdmann, Assistant Professor in Art History, East Carolina University


Waitsel Smith

Waitsel Smith, April 23, 2012

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