Waitsel's Charcoal & Pencil Drawings

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Charcoal, Pastels & Pencils

There is something about rough watercolor paper that I really like: the substance of it and the texture. It reminds me of the days when paper was made by hand and quality of craftsmanship was everything. I want my charcoal portraits to have those aspects. Pastels are similar to charcoal, but with the added benefit of color. Still, you cannot get the range of tone in pastels that you can in charcoal. I actually like pastels best as an accent for watercolor. Check out some of my watercolor paintings that incorporate pastels.

The thing I like best about pencil drawings is just how basic they are. That is where all artists start and, in many ways, where we all end up. You just can't do any better than a really good pencil drawing. Drawings are, by nature, graphic, and pencils are the most graphic of media. Plus, they're also the most subtle. Subtle and graphic - now there's a concept! Contact me today to discuss a portrait, landscape or still life commission, or your next illustration project in any of these wonderfully graphic media - charcoal, pastels or pencils! To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Waitsel Charcoal Portrait John & MagnumWaitsel Charcoal Portrait Nannie & CatWaitsel Charcoal Portrait Peg & JolieWaitsel Charcoal Portrait DadWaitsel Charcoal Illustration Joseph Jesus' FatherWaitsel Charcoal Portrait Beach Boys with Dog

Waitsel Pastel Illustration Frontier FruitWaitsel Charcoal Illustration Under the OakWaitsel Pencil Illustration Bald EagleWaitsel Pencil Illustration King David & Solomon Discussing Plans for TempleWaitsel Coloured Pencil Illustration Christ TeachingWaitsel Pencil Illustration Christ Walking on Water

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