Waitsel's Ink Drawings

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As with watercolor, people have always thought that ink was a difficult medium, simply because it's not easy to control and, because you cannot erase, is rather unforgiving. But really, both those difficulties are resolved with careful planning. Which means that water-borne media are not for everyone; but for those with the right personalities, they can be a lot of fun and very satisfying. With pen and ink, you can get very fine detail, and with brush and ink, great contrasts of light and dark. You can also get some wonderful effects - perhaps not as diverse as in watercolour, but, nevertheless, greater than those possible in any of the other black-and-white media. What is the attraction of black-and-white media? They require more imagination from the viewer than color. So if you are a person given to imagination, you will probably appreciate black-and-white, and especially ink, more than color media. It may be an aquired taste; but once you have it, it opens up the world of art in ways you never imagined. Contact me today to discuss a portrait, landscape or still life commission, or your next illustration project in an elegantly graphic medium - ink! To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Waitsel Ink Illustration Pirate 1: Black CaesarWaitsel Ink Illustration Tire SwingWaitsel Ink Illustration Rugby ScrumWaitsel Ink Architecture Mullis HouseWaitsel Ink Landscape Cutout_Farmhouse with PumpkinsWaitsel Ink Illustration Chippendale Lowboy

Waitsel Ink Spot Illustration EyesWaitsel Ink Spot Illustration EarWaitsel Ink Illustration HorsesWaitsel Ink Illustration Landscape Aspen TreesWaitsel Ink Children's Illustration Coloring Page Boy ReadingWaitsel Ink Children's Illustration Coloring Page Preacher

Waitsel Ink Sketch Man Stranger High ContrastWaitsel Spot Illustration GardenWaitsel Ink Spot Illustration Eastern InnWaitsel Ink Illustration Dog on SofaWaitsel Spot Illustration F. FutsWaitsel Spot Illustration Ladder

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