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Oil Painting

I majored in painting in college, which surprises a lot of people. It was a good major because it required a lot of discipline. Some people have the wrong notion that art is a crip course. Where I went to school - East Carolina University - it was anything but. However, it was fun. Discipline and fun don't naturally negate each other. :) I enjoy painting because I love faces, the human figure and landscapes, especially landscapes with big cloud formations, interesting trees and rolling hills, as you can see in my work. I also love color, and am considered something of a colorist. Contact me today to discuss a commission or one of my paintings that you would like to own. To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Autumn LakeHatteras LightArchaeological FindAmazing GraceSurfer DudeDress Blues

Taking AimStorm ComingCornfieldBowl of FruitBiltmore Tree #1Paul the Apostle in Prison

Biltmore Looking WestEdinburgh CastleRed KnightWaitsel's Latest Art Work

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