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I am told that I'm good with faces. It's probably because I love to look at them. I love what they reveal about the person. They truly are windows to the heart. Contact me today to discuss a commission. To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Celebrities - COMING SOON


Self Portrait in Wife BeaterJohn & MagnumSelf Portrait in Pink and Blue BathroomDadWaitsel Watercolour Self Portrait in Jogging SuitFriendly

ModelStranger 2EyesEarJamieDoug


Peg & JolieNannie & CatPhoebeLeslie


Skateboarder 1Skateboarder 2Beach Boys & DogDad


BrandiJohn & MagnumPeg & JolieBeach Boys & DogNannie & CatWaitsel Ink Illustration Horses

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