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I'm a storyteller, which is why I like illustration. American Illustrator Norman Rockwell once said that doing illustration is like directing a movie: you work with actors (models), costumes, location, lighting, story - basically everything that a movie director and his crew work with, except it's all done by one person - the illustrator. With storyboarding, you really see that connection.

I can go simple or complex, and I can do it with markers, photos, CGI, a combination - pretty much anything you want. I can work remotely from the script, work on site, or work on location during the production. Since I have a strong design background, my storyboards can be very informed as far as architecture, period styles, culture, etc.

In addition to the storyboards, I also wrote the scripts that most of these are based on - except for the two CARE ads ("Millions" and "One Hand") and the Aaron Furniture ad. All but a couple of these were projects for clients. More coming soon. Contact me today to discuss your next project. To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Not Ready Storyboard for Hendrick HondaBoyles Furniture StoryboardFun Drink Storyboard for American Dairy AssociationIt's a Jungle Storyboard for Central Piedmont Community CollegeMillions Storyboard for CAREOne Hand Storyboard for CARE

Aaron Furniture Storyboard for Carroll-White AdvertisingChannel Driver Storyboard for CoreXpandYour Supply Center Storyboard for CoreXpandWaitsel Storyboards 10Waitsel Storyboards 11Waitsel Storyboards 11

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