Waitsel's Watercolors

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Watercolor is known for its rich, transparent, delicate hues. No medium is better suited for both illustration and fine art, regardless of subject matter. It takes the right personality to work with it - someone with patience, foresight and willingness to take risks. I guess that's me. Because of its apparent lack of forgiveness, few artists will choose it as a portrait medium; but I find it ideal. It has a vitality that few other media possess. Contact me today to discuss a portrait, landscape or still life commission, or your next illustration project. To keep up with my latest work, subscribe to our newsletter. - Waitsel

Waitsel Watercolour Landscape Aspen TreesWaitsel Watercolour Illustration Pirate 2Waitsel Watercolour Kid's Portrait Skateboarder 1Waitsel Watercolour Landscape ForestWaitsel Watercolour Illustration Pirate 3Waitsel Watercolour Kid's Portrait Skateboarder 2

Waitsel Watercolour Portrait Dog White Poodle BrandiWaitsel Watercolour Self Portrait in Wife BeaterWaitsel Watercolour Illustration Peter FishingWaitsel Watercolour Illustration Noah and ArkWaitsel Watercolour Self Portrait in Pink and Blue BathroomWaitsel Watercolour Illustration Olympic Dreams

Waitsel Watercolour Landscape Lake ToxawayWaitsel Watercolour Still Life - SunflowersWaitsel Watercolour Portrait Peg and JolieWaitsel Watercolour Illustration "Safe in the Arms of Christ"Waitsel Watercolour Illustration ShepherdsWaitsel Watercolour Self Portrait in Jogging Suit

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